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Where does the bus depart from?

Download the map here.  We depart from 200 Rainbow Blvd. in Niagara Falls, NY.  The bus leaves from the curb in front of the Red Maple Inn, which is directly across the street from the  Holiday Inn.  We do not pick up at individual hotels.  Our departure is about 1,500 feet from most major hotels in downtown Niagara Falls.

What is the difference between Upper Level and Lower Level Tickets?–Our vintage British double decker bus has 44 seats on the Upper Level and 21 seats on the Lower Level.  Most guests prefer the 'open air' experience of the Upper Level.  The Upper Level has all the side windows removed allowing an unfettered view of Niagara.  The Lower Level has all the windows intact and could be a better choice for people with mobility problems who cannot navigate the stairs that lead to the Upper Level.  

What makes this tour different? – Passion!  Your tour guide is an author (His book is the #1 selling Niagara travel guide on Amazon) and a former stand up comic.  Our tour focuses on fun.  Our goal is to entertain you--if you accidentally learn something, that's your own fault.  We emphasize people, events and amazing storytelling that brings to life the Story of Niagara.  Having the coolest vehicle in Niagara Falls is a bonus, as well!  

What should I wear? – Plan on getting wet, at least a bit.  Accept and embrace the fact that you'll likely get very wet aboard the Maid of the Mist Boat attraction.  After all, that's why you're here.  We suggest wearing sandals if at all possible because your shins and feet are likely to get doused when you're on board the boat.  Use common sense and dress for the day's weather, which is typically 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit in June, July and August.  The upper level of the bus is 'open air' so be aware that you'll travel at 30 miles an hour with the breeze flowing around you.  Feel free to bring a backpack or gear bag with you.  You may leave it on the bus when we debark and tour on foot.

I don't have a sense-of-humor.  Should I take your tour? – No.  You will not enjoy yourself, waste your money and quite possibly bum out everybody else on the tour.  Your tour guide uses jokes, sarcasm and physical humor to create a truly interactive and memorable experience.  Every aspect of the tour is engineered to optimize fun, so if that's not your bag call us and we can suggest several other local tours that will be perfect for you.

Will the bus leave without me because I am running late? - You betcha! We value our guests' time and money.  When we hold up the bus we take time away from everybody's tour experience.  So please be on time.  We respect our customers, so please respect our policy.  If you are running late, call our office at (716) 246-9080 and we'll try to find a solution.

Is there a lot of walking on this bus tour? - It is impossible and not desirable to experience Niagara Falls USA from inside a bus.  In order to get you close to the best viewing locations, there is walking.  All of the paths we take are accessible.  Our pace is moderate and we are respectful of the fact that some guests may have mobility issues.  In total, you'll walk approximately one mile during the four hour tour.  No matter what bus tour you take, there is the same amount of walking involved.  Your guide will tell you exactly what to expect each time we leave the bus and will make suggestions should you feel the path is too challenging.

Most of your competitors tours are longer and cost more.  What's up with that? - Most tour companies will pick you up in a 20 passenger minibus, take you on a 5 hour plus tour and charge you about $100 per person.  We save time by only including the top attractions.  We do not include the Cave of the Winds attraction, although we recommend that you try it on your own if you have time.  We also don't take you to souvenir shops or food stands where guides earn a kick back.  We will gladly make suggestions about where to eat and where to get souvenirs, but we feel these stops are not necessary.  We engineer the tour to put fun in front of profit.  Other bus tours pick up and drop off at multiple locations which can be a convenience for guests, but it can also add 30 to 60 minutes of transportation time to the tour.  We have two pick-up locations which insure an experience that is more tour less transporting.

Your bus windows are removed on the upper level.  What happens if it is raining? - The bus is equipped with roll down vinyl windows in case of rain.  The windows use velcro to stay in place.  If it is really really raining hard, some water comes through the seams of the windows, but that us part of the charm of a double decker bus.  If the forecast calls for rain, please dress appropriately as we do a lot of walking outdoors--feel free to bring an umbrella and summer jacket.